Our company was established in 1993 as MILOŠ BENKOVSKÝ INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT AND SPEDITION. Its main focus is the goods traffic. We have expanded in 1997 and now we provide also mediation of goods traffic and forwarding.

As we have expanded, our company has been devided into two separate companies. From December 2006, the original company offers transport services by means of its own vehicles and mediation and forwarding are provided by the new company called BENEX SLOVAKIA s.r.o.

Momentary there are 22 professional employees working for us. According to the requests of our clients we are able to supply goods traffic weight between 1 kg and 24 tons within the whole EU.

We try to give you the best services which is the reason why we use the Renault cars – Magnum, Premium, Midlum.The average age of our cars is 3 years and they are up to Euro 5-6 standard which makes them the most ecological and safest vehicles. Every car is equipped with mobile phone with the all – European attainability, navigation system and GPS. Our drivers are regularly retrained in traffic regulations, BOZP and the international convention AETR.

Our cars are being serviced in the brand Truck service Trnava with the agreement for non – stop service. In the case of a bigger failure we are ready to supply a replacement vehicle.